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Change Your attitude Change Your Life Luxury Change Your attitude Change Your Life

If we have a tendency to area unit the product of our attitudes then it’s necessary for North American nation to look at our attitudes, each positive and negative, to get the impact they’re having on our lives. this can be even a lot of necessary if we have a tendency to area unit determined to maximise the potential that’s ours, a possible that, within the overwhelming majority folks, remains grossly underdeveloped.

Positive attitudes unharness an influence to attain which will amaze you, whereas negative attitudes severely hamper our changing into the individuals we have a tendency to area unit capable of changing into. It become the central task of anyone fascinated by actualizing their huge potential to get involved within the method of attitudinal transformation.

Attitudinal transformation takes time, effort and determination however it will be done. do not expect perfection, simply progress. It took a protracted time to develop negative attitudes and it’ll take time to rework them. it’s conjointly necessary to not think about over one or 2 negative attitudes quickly. If you overload your agenda for modification you run the chance of changing into discouraged and abandoning.

Once you have got known the negative angle you want to rework, commit yourself to the method of changing into tuned in to that angle cropping up throughout the day. you’ll be stunned at however quickly you’ll become alert to your target angle. after you area unit focussed on the angle, visualize it deed your body and flying off into the nice on the far side. currently replace it with a positive angle and provides yourself the suggestion that from currently on this may be your dominant thought pattern. Whenever your recent negative angle creeps back to your mind interact this method of thought replacement. before long the new angle can become dominant and you’ll end up enjoying its positive power in your life.

Be mild with yourself after you fall back to the recent pattern of thinking. Believe that the modification you want can come back a lot of ofttimes and it’ll. it would facilitate to recollect that persons use between two and tenth part of their mind’s potential therefore you have got a large reservoir of unused potential to assist you over any periods of discouragement.

The Effect of Continual Repetition

The way that a young human will learn to acquire new skills could be said to be by practicing the new skill a number of times until, the new habit is established. This idea of repetition could be said to be one of the most effective methods of mastering a new skill. So it could be useful to apply this concept in-order to change your life by changing your attitude to gratitude. By looking at life through the eyes of gratitude could allow you to see life in new ways. You could find that many of the basic things that might have been taken for granted, could in-fact be some of the greatest blessings that you currently have in your life. One sad fact in life is that many people do not appreciate the small important gifts that they have, for example the ability to read this. It is very sad to reach the stage of losing a valuable ability before you value and appreciate it. So it could be very useful to consciously think about the many good things that you have in your life

Attitude to Gratitude

If you look at the idea of focusing your daily thoughts on thoughts of gratitude, perhaps this can generate new ways for you to see the world and the life that you live. A new outlook may allow you to create greater and better feelings within your mind. And if you are creating better feelings within your mind this may in-fact lead to better feelings within your body. It could be argued that the thoughts that you think may have a direct effect on the conditions within your body. It could be said that stress is one of the main causes of illness, and stress could be said to be a result of the thoughts that you are thinking. So by the same argument, thoughts of gratitude may be the way that you can generate positive effects in your body.

Grateful Attitude

Of all the attitudes we might get, gratitude is the most important and so far the most life-changing, said Zig Ziglar. We all complain, sometimes for small things in life and sometimes about big things. And complaining becomes a habit within us so we don’t even realize that we are complaining. After the Facebook link from Ziglar’s office, there was a video of Mr. Ziglar stood in front of a wall that read Wall of Gratitude. That’s amazing, I think. What is the way to show your gratitude! In the video, Mr. Ziglar mentioned that even people with angry temperaments helped him change things in his life to find a place on the wall. God every day seeks out His children who do not complain and are instead grateful for what they have. And I realized that it was very important to thank God and thank Him for everything He gave us, not occasionally, but every day. Gratitude is a surefire way for our progress.

While writing this article, I myself had a breakthrough in an area where I had a complaining attitude for a long time. Whenever I asked someone to make tea or to do something for me, if it was not done perfectly, I would start complaining. I would complain and fret till the other person would feel miserable. One day while I was at my writing desk, I requested my husband to make tea; the tea I got was warm, not hot. At first I had this urge to complain and fret as always and leave the tea as I enjoy my evening tea hot. But this time I checked myself and decided to make a choice – the choice of not only having tea but also enjoying it because someone had especially put in effort to make it. So many times God is only testing you before He gives you a breakthrough. And I felt that by breaking this attitude in me, I did God proud.

Pride filled Attitude

Pride is spreading like an epidemic in our society. Pride is mostly visible in people who didn’t have to put an effort to get to the position where they are today, but simply inherited it from their family who worked hard at one point of time to build it. Pride can actually keep us from having God’s best for our life. I recently experienced with one of the heirs of a very big ministry, whose offices are spread all over the world. Have pride in you for the love of God, not for material things. We also need to remember that God’s ways are unique – the easier He gives, much easier He takes away.

Determined Attitude

After going through an emotionally disturbed childhood filled with fear and condemnation, followed by a physically and emotionally abusive first marriage that brought forth pain and humiliation, I didn’t know how I would do it but I knew that it would happen someday. I was determined to be loved, I got it through God. I was determined to have wisdom that would put me way above the people who abused me, I received it from God. I wanted security; I got it in God’s embrace. So even if one has nothing in the world but has determination one is sure to fulfil God’s call on her life. But even if you have everything but no determination you cannot go far in life. So use your determination in a positive way to achieve results.

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