Top 10 Tips For Finding The Right Job

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After you graduate from college, you might think that you will work where and what, of course, by considering the interests and talents that you have.

Working in accordance with passion is something that many people dream of. But many people are sometimes confused between choosing a career or passion. Not everyone works, but according to passion.

But how can you really know your talents, here are seven ways to find out where your talents are:

1. Follow People who work according to your interests

Together with the people who work according to your interests make you know more about the results and risks of the job. This really helps you to make decisions about the work you will choose.

2. Don’t waste your team

Use the best time possible. Join training, seminars and internships in the city

your place to hone your potential in a particular field. Follow activities that are in accordance with the field of work you want so the results are right on target. In practice, you might feel a little bored.

But, you can work around this with fun activities, but still be helpful. For example, traveling to a place to look for inspiration, design concepts, or make decisions.

3. Interview project

Do a interview project, that is, you do work before actually getting a job.

Recruiters will trust the real proof of the project results compared to the experience and work performance in the previous company that you wrote in the CV.

To start a pre-interview project, you must first understand the job description of the job based on job information. Then do your own project.

Examples of work that can be obtained from this pre-interview project are designers.

You can design some new designs when applying for a job, and then explain the design to the interviewer.

You can also show and send the project that you have made to the interviewer before the date of the interview.

4. Higher Range Education

Learning to a higher level will make it easier for you to get the job you dream of. This is like an investment in yourself.
The thing to remember is that you should not be wrong in taking majors.

In some professions, we need to go back to school for professional certification, such as accountants, doctors, lawyers and so on.

5 Know Yourself

The most important thing you have to do is get to know yourself. Ask yourself what work you like and what interests you. Don’t forget to find out the skills you have. This can help you to find out more about yourself.

6. Don’t compare yourself with other people
Never compare yourself with others. Sometimes neighboring grass is greener than our own grass. However, always be grateful for what you have. Stay focused on yourself, because that will make it easier for you to find your true passion. Working not in accordance with passion is not entirely bad. But working according to passion is fun because the most fun job is to work on your hobby and get paid.

7. Find what you like

Everyone has an interest in something. Maybe you are interested in technology, or other things that are your own interests. Make a list of things that interest you. Filter out some of the things you like about the many things you like. Make 5 or 10 lists of things that interest you. After learning about your interests, look for the office or workplace that suits your passion.

8. Don’t be influenced by others

People’s comments will always be there. People will always have their own opinions about what you do or do. People will comment which can be in the form of support or rejection of what you do. When someone underestimates your passion for something, you may be doubting yourself. Avoid this. Don’t ever doubt what you have chosen and not be influenced by what other people say.

9. Follow Job Fair Events

Job Fair events are always there and have the potential to become your place of employment.

At this event you will find hundreds of job openings from dozens of companies.

At job fair events you can immediately put your application letter and curriculum vitae (CV) on the company you are interested in, and of course according to the company’s qualifications and needs.

10. Make Your Own Business

Instead of working for someone else, making your own business can be an option for you. You can use the skills and abilities you have to make money.

For example, you used to be a journalist with excellent skills in creating articles, so you could try writing a few articles and sending them to several media. You can be a contributor to the release of the media.

Doing it according to passion will make it easier to achieve success

Doing your daily routine is boring. However, boredom can be minimized if the routine is carried out in accordance with the passion that is within you.

While looking for passion, imagine what kind of work you want, work mechanism, and the way to get the job. Follow the methods above to help find ways to achieve success.

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