How To Be Successful In Life – The Underlying Principles Of Success to Achieve Happiness

How to Be Successful In Life Inspirational E Simple Way to Live A Successful Life

What is Success?

Definition of success, in my opinion is a subjective definition. Because, everyone can define what success means in their lives – each. However, when drawn in a more general picture, it turns out that everyone’s definition of success is almost the same.

Why? Because, after research, I found that everyone almost answered the same thing about what was successful. The answer is,

“Success is when you achieve what you want, you are dreaming, or the dream you have.”

When I explore more about what humans want, it turns out that it is just spinning around in 4 things. Including when I studied since high school to college, the nuances of mastering these four things were so strong as a form:

  1. Abundant TREASURE
  2. Mastering the STATE
  3. Elevate the STRATA
  4. Get LOVE

So, it can be concluded like this:

“Successful people are those who have high TREASURE, STAGE, STRATEGY, and LOVE.”

This is almost universally applicable. Where every person who has these four things is superior, then he is the one who is considered successful. Who doesn’t want those four things? I can confirm, you also want it, right? The question then is, how can we get it?

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The Formula For Success

When discussing the formula of success, many people are ‘fooled’ that all of them can be easily obtained. Especially after we attend the existing motivational seminars, we will immediately be tempted by the phrase that success can be achieved easily.

In fact, it’s not that easy. You need to know the formula, not only know and focus on the results. Because, the result is the impact of the efforts made. So in the past few years, I tried to make simple streaks on paper. What is it that makes someone get results for successful life? Apparently, like this the scribbled results:

  • The quality of the results starts from the quality of the business (action) that we do
  • Business quality (action) starts from the quality of our thoughts (thinking)
  • The quality of thinking begins with the quality of relationships that we have (relationship)
  • The quality of the relationship turns out to be due to the quality of the results we have

After I found this, then I tried to myself. It turns out to get good results, essentially we have to change the quality of our relationship first. I began to dare myself to be friends with extraordinary people. In fact, I also chose unusual book readings. With hope, I will get an increase in the quality of thinking and action. I was fortunate at that time to enter the Leadership Home scholarship program during college. This greatly changed the quality of my relationship.

As a result, my performance skyrocketed. In fact, I can publish a best-seller book at the age of not even 23 years. From there, thank God, I got abundant royalties. Not to mention the other things. I got the throne (leader of organization & community), strata (recognition of knowledge), and love (liked by many people).

In my opinion, this method can also apply to you. How then can you just change the quality of relationship, then have an impact on quality of thinking, then have an impact on quality of action, which in turn impacts on the quality of action.

As It Turned Out, I Was Wrong In Defining Success

After I implemented it, then I realized that many people were jealous of me. How is it possible, at a young age can you get various things? In fact, it’s possible. As long as we know the formula, right?

But, in the following years after (people said) I had success at that young age, precisely there I realized that I was making a success formula. Why?

Because at that time, I was shown evidence where people could be depressed and frustrated in an instant when he emphasized his happiness on these 4 things, namely: wealth, throne, strata, and love.

What do you mean? That is, imagine now that you have applied the formula above and you have managed to get a lot of assets. You are also recognized throughout Indonesia as a great young entrepreneur because he managed to score a lot of turnover for your business. However, suddenly your business is bankrupt.

When you go bankrupt, the treasure is instantly lost from you. In fact, people who were close to you stay away from you. You lose the property and love of the people closest to you.

I, seeing many of my friends’ events like this. What then happened to them? They are depressed, even traumatized not to dare to take big dreams anymore.

I then became thinking, “for what do we pursue success, if it actually brings anxiety and frustration for us in the future?”

Therefore, I feel that the formula is wrong. And, I found an error in that formula. The thing that I realized was, because the formula originated from how we maintain relationships with people around us, it is not surprising that we define success as a successful human version.

Apparently, SUCCESS SIZE IS NOT A TREASURE, STAGE, STRATA, LOVE, but the measure of success is the weight of the energy of goodness that we do in the world.

If so, are we not able to get these 4 things in the life of the world? Indeed, we need to pursue these 4 things so that our good energy can be greater. For example, with a lot of assets, there can be more alms. With a high throne, we can also save a nation compared to being able to.

So, I redefined what success means. In my opinion, the meaning of success is,

Achieve the abundance of the world in order to prepare for life after death

So, if the success that we have actually keeps away from God, then there is something that needs to be improved in our lives.

Main Success Formula Revised Edition

Based on my reflection, then I made a revision of the main successful formula I made before.
There are not many revisions, only in the relationship, I add the word faith or faith. Before we decide to get along with the community, then make sure that we are already hanging out with God first.

If so, then I named this person activating the incandescent faith. Then from this incandescent faith, thoughts that are not only brilliant, but also straight are born. If it’s like this, then the knowledge of the person is already active. If the quality of thinking is good, it will certainly produce good actions too. So here, the incandescent impact is active. The combination of the three, will produce extraordinary quality of result. Then, as a form of gratitude, with your more success, you use the results that you have achieved to do good as instructed by Allah SWT.

At CerdasMulia Institute, we call people who have activated all three as the Noble Smart Incandescent. This Smart Incandescent is a prerequisite for those of you who want to have a life that is not only successful, but also happy because your every step is always filled with kindness.

So, here are 3 principles to increase success and happiness in your life.

  • Always strengthen your Faith
  • Always increase your Science Flare
  • Always expand your Impact Pijar

The lifestyle above, me and the team called the SmartMulia lifestyle, to be able to achieve the best results of life – success and always happy.

What do you think?

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