12 Tips On How to Have A Happy Life

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Who doesn’t want to live happily? I don’t think there is anything because from small children to adults, they want to feel happy lives.

But remember, happiness is unconditional. Happiness can suddenly appear and just disappear. It depends on what is in your mind at that time.

Not that you can’t bring happiness. There are many things you can do so that happiness can emerge and last long in yourself and your mind.

After all, living happily is actually relatively difficult. The thing that makes it difficult is that you have made the fortress first, so that it is difficult to be happy. To help you be happy, here are 10 tips for happy life that you deserve to start from now.

1. Expand Gratitude

Even though humans are God’s most perfect creation, the fact is that there is no perfect life for humans. There must be flaws. It is precisely because of this lack, that as a human being you need to increase gratitude.

With gratitude, you will always feel enough. Will not be burdened with excessive desire. It will also be kept away from the desire to be greedy.

2. Always Positive Thinking

Positive thinking is one of the tips for happy life that you can immediately apply in everyday life. By always trying to keep your mind positive, you will avoid the burden of bad thoughts that actually keep away from feeling happy.

How big and complicated the problems you face, still face with positive thoughts. That there is nothing wrong in bad things in your life.

Everything always keeps wisdom. Just how do you respond to the meaning and wisdom of each event positively.

Remember, people who keep their minds positive will be much happier than those who are busy thinking about bad things in life.

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3. Lots of Sharing

Sharing with others is a simple action but has a big impact in creating happiness. Start from the little things at home like helping to clean up the house or take part in cooking in the kitchen.

Look around you for anyone to help. It does not have to be materially related because sharing can be done in many ways. Especially in lightening the burden of other people’s thoughts.

4. Enough to Rest

Tips for a happy life that is no less important is to get enough sleep and rest. How come? A tired body after a day of activity must be rested.

The ideal time needed for sleep for adults is between 7-8 hours. Less than that means you will tend to be unhappy.

With enough sleep, the body has time for recovery. Try to feel the difference when you wake up from getting enough sleep with lack of sleep because you have stayed up late. It must be more comfortable to wake up after getting enough sleep, right?

5. Increase Laughter

Laughter is a panacea that can instantly make your life happy. This is a recommended therapy when you are always shrouded in turmoil and anxiety.

Expand to meet friends who can make you laugh. By laughing automatically the complexity in life will disappear.

According to the results of the study, when we laugh, the body will produce endorphins which trigger happiness. Laughter will make the immune system work 87% more effectively. So, by laughing, you will not only be happy but also a healthier life.

6. Wake Up Early

Wake up routine will make the body healthier and a fresh mind. With a fresh and optimistic state of mind, you will be able to face all the challenges of life.

Because, with optimism that is in the chest, people will be more calm in living life. They always believe that every activity filled with a positive aura will produce good results. One of them is being able to feel a happy life. And, it starts with a regular morning wake-up.

7. Exercise regularly

In a healthy body, there is a strong soul. Then exercise regularly. No need to be a member of an expensive fitness club. Mild exercise like jogging in the morning will help your life be happier.

Why can people who exercise regularly be happy? Exercise is an activity that can increase the amount of serotonin in the body.

This hormone triggers a feeling of happiness in our mind and soul. The more routine we exercise, then we will continue to feel happy.

8. Vacation to a Quiet Place

One of the things that makes life unhappy is the condition of an uneasy mind. Well, the next way to live happily is to try a vacation in a quiet place.

According to the Mayor of Bandung, Ridwan Kamil, every time he sees a citizen who is often angry or looks unhappy, he recommends to take a vacation.

It’s true, by vacationing your mind will be calmer. Therefore, try the vacation destination that can provide peace. Like villages in Ubud, Bali, which are full of calm and peace.

Do not go on vacation to places that are visited by many people such as the Zoo. Because this will only try to make yourself happy to fall apart.

9. Don’t Compare Neighbors

Neighboring grass often looks greener. Never look at other people’s conditions from the point of view of those utterances.

In fact, when you always feel jealous of the success experienced by others, then you will automatically be shackled with negative thoughts. You will always be burdened so stress yourself.

Remember, each person’s destiny has been determined and there is never the exact same thing. It may be that those who are financially successful are not as happy as you are in enjoying life.

10. Increase Investment Hereafter

Believe it or not, live in this world temporarily, eternal in the hereafter. Therefore, multiply your investment in the hereafter. That way, you have the capital for future happiness.

If you are a Muslim, your afterlife investment can take the form of carrying out the commands of Allah SWT and avoiding His prohibitions. Performing 5 daily prayers, paying zakat, fasting in the month of Ramadan, performing hajj / umrah, and supporting orphans are examples of carrying out the commands of The God.

11. Never get nostalgic

Beautiful memories are hard to forget, even sad memories are also hard to erase. But, remember the thing that is farthest from life is the past.

Live the day with confidence and focus on a plan that is set up to meet a better future because you are more happy with living what is happening now than remembering past events.

Save the beautiful memories of the past in your own heart space and throw away bad memories so that you don’t keep on imagining

12. Don’t bring problems during sleep

A study in Beijing, China, said a negative or bad memory that was brought to sleep had a very bad impact on health, especially brain health.

So, when someone is hit by anger and disappointment and then bring all the problems to sleep it will make it very easy to stress and remember those bad memories.

Happiness is not an abundant asset, nor is it a position and high popularity. However, happiness arises in a clean heart and a calm soul. Hopefully 11 tips for living happily above help you happy life from now on.

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