9 Tips On How to Improve Your Memory

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Fresh How to Improve Your Memory – The brain is a very important organ in human life. This organ functions from starting to thinking to the subconscious.

It is well known that brain function decreases in elderly people. That is why our grandparents often suffer from senile illnesses or are easily forgotten.

However, not a few young people who easily forget alias memory is not good. Are you one of them?

Do not worry. I have a solution for you. Here are 10 ways to help you improve memory and concentration.

1. Regular exercise

Even though exercising the part that is moved is physical, it turns out the brain also increases its ability.

When humans exercise, the brain will work at its maximum capacity, thus triggering the multiplication of nerve cells which will then strengthen the bonds between brain cells and keep them from damage.

In addition, nerve cells also release proteins called neurotic factors. This protein will trigger the production of various chemicals for a healthier brain and increase cognitive abilities, including learning abilities.

A 2010 study published in the journal Neuroscience has also proven that regular exercise not only increases blood flow to the brain, but can also make the completion of work twice as fast as those who do not exercise.

What sports do you need to do? Depending on your likes and conditions. Among them are swimming, jogging, gym, or cycling 3 times a week.

2. Pay attention to food intake

To improve brain memory, of course your brain needs to be given good nutrition to maintain memory. Actually it’s quite simple to maintain food intake for the brain, by consuming more vegetables and reducing foods that contain lots of sugar.

Some other additives that are very good for brain development are omega-3 and MCT (medium-chain triglycerides). Omega-3 is very easy to get from salmon, fish oil, soybeans, spinach and seafood. Meanwhile MCT is a substance that is very high in coconut oil.

3. Continue to Study New Things

The brain must continue to work so that the cells in it remain connected to each other. One way to strengthen memory and concentration is to learn new kinds of things.

Learning new things that require cognitive abilities such as sewing or knitting according to a study is indeed quite successful in maintaining memory in the elderly.

The key is only one, which is looking for activities that are liked and stimulate the brain. Various choices can be made such as reading books, studying musical instruments, assembling puzzles, gardening, or making crafts.

4. Avoid Multitasking

Multitasking is indeed needed in daily work, especially for housewives who are always busy at home every day. However, it turns out that too often completing work in multitasking can have a negative impact on memory.

Some studies show that every human on average takes about 8 seconds to store memory into the brain. So when someone calls while carrying groceries and puts down a key, chances are you will not focus and a few minutes later will not succeed in remembering one of them.

Conversely, people who focus on completing a job will have better memories. Therefore, complete one job before you start working on another job.

5. Train the Mnemonic Concept

The mnemonic concept is also known as the donkey bridge. You may have been taught to more easily remember something by making this donkey bridge.

Mnemonics can be done in various ways, including:

  • make acronyms or abbreviations
  • visualize an object to remember things to do
  • cutting up information so it’s easier to remember, like when trying to remember a telephone number.
6. Get enough sleep

A study conducted at Harvard University proved that humans will have a stronger brain if they get enough sleep at night. Getting enough sleep can also increase your ability for more challenging things.

Adequate sleep also applies to toddler brain development. Toddlers who are accustomed to napping are proven to have better cognitive abilities when they grow up later.

7. Do Brain Games

Another way to improve memory is to play brain games, which can make the brain think a little so that the cells in it remain connected. If someone does not or rarely sharpens the ability of the brain, cells in the brain begin to degenerate so that it becomes easy to forget.

Playing brain games, for example, is playing chess, which requires focus to think about a few steps ahead.

Try to routinely train the brain by doing brain games for at least 20 minutes a day. If you don’t like brain games, you can learn a foreign language or develop new hobbies and abilities.

8. Memory Repetition

Even a good memorizer needs time to repeat the memorization so that it is more perfect. Repetition or repetition is a way that feels really needed if you want to improve your brain’s ability to remember something.

After learning something, give pause a few moments, then do a review again of what you have learned. This will make the brain trained to open the memories of the past so that it is not easy to forget important things.

Memory repetition can be done with the help of recording important things in a notebook, repeating the name of someone new known over and over again, and repeating the sentence someone said to you.

9. Visualize

For people who don’t have photographic memory, remembering people’s names and faces can be difficult. Sometimes people only recognize the faces of others without being able to remember their names. At other times, there are people who are only able to remember names and cannot imagine their faces.

For this problem, it’s a good idea to do a visualization for a better memory of other people. Visualization can be done for example by taking photos together when meeting, and storing them on a cellphone as a contact photo, so that when contacted later, you already recognize the person’s name and face.

Visualization can also be done by likening someone’s name to something else. Suppose for a person named Alissa, visualize in your mind that Alissa has beautiful eyebrows, so that when you meet again, you can immediately focus on her eyebrows and remember her name correctly.

That’s 10 ways to improve memory for those of you who often forget or lack focus. Good luck and hopefully with improved memory, life will run better.

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