Success and Its True Meaning

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Kelvin Hui is a Web Publishing Businessman (Founder of and SEO Master), who managed to get a contract with
Yahoo! worth 20 million dollars just to promote Yahoo! In
Hong Kong, Korea and Japan for three years!

Interestingly, humans are actually very, very simple inside
dress, the words are very subtle but full of wisdom
making my thoughts change 180 degrees about SUCCESS.

SUCCESS is simple, SUCCESS has nothing to do with being rich
raya, SUCCESS is not complicated / confidential

SUCCESS does not need to be pursued, SUCCESS is YOU! Because
The biggest SUCCESS is in yourself …

How you are created by fighting millions of sperm to fertilize
one ovum, that’s your first SUCCESS!

How you can be born with a perfect limb without
disabled, that’s your second SUCCESS …

When you go to school, you can even enjoy undergraduate study at any time
minutes there are 10 students who drop out because they can’t afford SPP, that’s what
Your third SUCCESS …

When you can work at a company in the number of golden triangles, at
when 46 million other people become unemployed, that’s your success
the fourth…

When you can still eat three times a day, when there are three million
people who starve every month, that’s your SUCCESS

SUCCESS happens every day, and you never realize it …

I was very touched when watching the movie “Click!” starring
Adam Sandler, “family comes first,” the last words to him
his son before he died …

So busy Adam Sandler in pursuing SUCCESS, he didn’t
had time to spend time with his wife and children, not even had time
attending his father’s funeral, his family is a mess, his wife is
beautiful divorce him, and his son does not know who his father is …

SUCCESS is always biased by best-selling authors so that the book can
continues to be a best seller by making SUCCESSES become
a complicated and difficult thing to get …

SUCCESS is not only about property, luxury homes, sports cars, Rolex watches,
retire young, become an entrepreneur, have a swimming pool / helicopter, have
beautiful wives like Donald Trump, luxury resorts in the Caribbean, etc.

But for me personally who can live very well, me
the sense of SUCCESS has a different meaning …

SUCCESS is to love and be proud of yourself,
do what you like anytime and anywhere …

True SUCCESS is to live with gratitude for all of God’s grace,
True SUCCESS is to enjoy and be grateful for every second of life
You. When you are happy, you are fully happy. At your time
sad, you are sad, after that you have to get ready again
facing a new episode.

True SUCCESS is living right in the way of God, living well, no
hypocritical, not deceptive, especially scam, pious, and always humble.

SUCCESS no longer wants wealth rather than poverty, no
again want healing rather than pain. True SUCCESS is able
fully accept your strengths, circumstances, and shortcomings as is
with gratitude.

I dare to speak like this, because the life I experience is
like a cart wheel. When I was a student, my life was very popular
only able to eat warteg rice once a day with a half rice menu
+ free vegetable + fried tempeh. But it turned out that it was delicious to eat at the warteg
how come it’s the same when compared to when I eat at fancy restaurants on

I once slept under the sky, ground and tarps, rain
hot, hot But it turned out that my sleep was sleeping first
can be the same when compared to when I sleep in 5 star hotels on

I used to go back to school on foot for 40 km, wearing clothes
shabby ones, dirty bags, and makeshift stationery. Come to school
always a laughingstock for friends, but how come it’s just as good
when I was picked up by my oom, I went up to Mercy, I arrived at my destination

I was invited by my boss to his new home, to enjoy the space
the auditorium. There are speakers for karaoke, there is a tape to listen to
music, there is a home theater … He says the price of the Thiel speaker is for
just listening to music costs 400 million rupiah, I was told
listening to when he played jazz, it was really nice, sound
the tinkling of the glass and the bass passage can be heard clearly, but how come
half an hour there, I’m bored too. Same pleasure with
listening to music on your own computer, the speaker only costs 100 thousand

Have you ever noticed?

You actually don’t buy an item with money. Money is just
medium of exchange. You actually buy a house from your time.

Yes, you may have to work day and night to pay mortgage during
15 years or buy a car / motorcycle on credit for three years.

But that’s all you actually get from trading your time
yourself, you sell your time from morning to night to
the highest bidder, to get money to buy
food, pay telephone credit etc …

Your biggest asset is not your home or car, but yourself

That’s why smart people can be paid tens of times
than fools, because the more valuable you are, the more expensive
people want to buy your time …

That is why the price of two-hour world-class motivator to speak at a seminar = 200 million rupiah, or the price of an inspiring 2-hour seminar reaches 100 million …

That’s why Nike dared to pay Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan
200 million dollars just to use Nike products. A product
become expensive not because of the brand, but because of the product
used by whom ….

That’s why 80 million of used basketball from Michael Jordan can be sold
dollars, while used basketball with the same brand when sold
the price actually goes down …

Life is funny, we like chasing mirages. When viewed from
far away, maybe we see water in the distance, but when we chase it
with all your energy and finally to the destination, which we see
just the reflection of the sun …

Funny, if after reading the writing above, you are still chasing
mirage rather than spending your very time
valuable for sungkem to parents who love you so much,
warmly hug your wife, say “I love you” to people
you love: parents, wife, children, and your friends.

Do it while you still have time, while you still have time, you
will never know when you will die, maybe tomorrow morning,
maybe later tonight, because LIFE IS SO SHORT.

Spend more time doing your hobbies, whether it’s playing
ball, fishing, watching movies, drinking coffee, eating favorite foods
You, gardening, playing chess, or karaoke …

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